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Bytessence MPxConverter

Bytessence MPxConverter is a simple user interface for AMV-Codec-Tools, a fork of FFMpeg targeted at media conversion for chipods (cheap mp4 players, usually knockoffs of popular brands). It is based on the same code as the (discontinued) AMVConverter, but it now is compatible with both Actions and Sunplus players. The program kept many features from its predecessor, mainly portable code, ease of use, speed and multilingual interface while adding extended conversion support.

The advantages over the standard conversion tools are: faster media conversion, portability, multi-platform design and open source code. The only known issue for the moment is that the AMV files converted using MPxConverter are lower quality than the ones transcoded by the standard conversion tool. This is mainly because the The AMV encoder used in this FFMpeg build is in alpha stage.

If you prefer quality over speed for AMV videos then you should consider use the standard converter that came on the CD with your player. Any problems concerning issues other than this simple interface should be addressed here: AMV-Codec-Tools.


  • Easy to use
  • Converts videos for Actions and Sunplus players
  • Fast and stable, based on FFMpeg (AMV-Codec-Tools)
  • Open source, multi-platform, works on both Windows(TM) and Linux (32 bit)
  • Multilingual interface
  • Free support

System requirements

  • 64 MB RAM memory available
  • 233 MHz processor (or better)
  • 5 MB of free Hard-Disk space
  • Operating system: Windows(TM) 95, NT 4.0, 98, Me, 2K, XP, Vista, 7, Linux (32bit)
  • LibFaad, LibXvid, LibMp3Lame, LibGtk 2 or higher (for the Linux build)


Main interface

Video settings page

Converting a file

Click on the thumbnails to see the full-sized images.

What's new in version 1.3

  • Interface enhancements
  • Added possibility to save the conversion list and load it back
  • Added possibility to remove all the videos in the list
  • Added the '.mpeg' extension in the open video dialog
  • Added a new help document
  • Added a specific error when a file cannot be added in the list
  • Added new settings dialog
  • Added option to skip/replace/ask if a video file already exists
  • Added option for changing the interface update speed
  • Added option to automatically clear converted videos from the list
  • Added more error checking
  • Improved event handling while conversion is in progress
  • Fixed a bug when moving videos up/down in the list (column contents weren't preserved)
  • Fix a bug that was preventing some settings to be stored (under Linux)
  • Fixed the widget resizing problems (under Linux)
  • Fixed small bugs and potential vulnerabilities
Click here to view the full changelog of MPxConverter.

Download MPxConverter

You can download MPxConverter from the links below. Please make sure to uninstall older versions before installing the current release to avoid any conflicts. To check the integrity of the downloaded files you can use our freeware MD5 calculator available here.

Version Release date Size MD5
1.3 (Win32) 25 Apr 2008 2300 KB 6D80C8ACD00CF792DE8E413C3361AB73
1.3 (Lin32) 25 Apr 2008 2037 KB F1ED696AA756469DD930FC2418DAB791
1.3 Source (PureBasic 4.30) 25 Apr 2008 6081 KB 414121A73487D3DEEF3EB1AB79D9B88E

Note to webmasters: If you would like to link to the download, please link to this page instead of the files directly.


MPxConverter is available in the following languages (alphabetical order):

Translation Author Download
Czech Martin Hybner
Dutch Hugo Mostard
English Bytessence Included in the main package
French Patrice Bousquet
German Bernd Krueger-Knauber
Hebrew Eli Kochva
Hungarian Balazs Kosaras
Italian Giacomo Margarito
Polish Zbigniew Szczec
Portuguese (BR/PT) Humberto Sousa / Gilson Afonso
Romanian Bytessence Included in the main package
Russian Dmitry Kudriavtsev
Spanish Miguel Giraldo Aguilar / Nakaoh / Víctor M. Martínez
Turkish Hamdi Öztürk / K.Deniz Yilmaz
Urdu Ayub Shaikh

If you wish to contribute with language files you can translate one of the files from the Localization folder of your MPxConverter installation (please see the FAQ section for more information).

Frequently asked questions

Q: How to translate MPxConverter?
A: To localize MPxConverter you can open the file called 'English.ini' from the 'Localization\' directory of your MPxConverter installation and translate the lines. The files use the standard INI layout so you can use any raw text editor for translation (like Notepad). To make the job easy you can use IniTranslator, an open-source translation utility. After you finish, save the file with ANSI encoding. If you want to share it with other users you can send it in an archive at the support e-mail (see the contact page) and it will be published here.
Q: How to install translations?
A: To install translations, unpack the archive to a temporary location (like the Desktop) and copy the extracted .INI file to the 'Localization\' directory of your MPxConverter installation. After copying the file, restart the program if it was running then open the Settings dialog. At this time you should be able to see the name of the installed file in the translations box. To activate it, click the desired language in the list, press 'Accept' to save the settings then restart BMPXC.